Management Consulting – Corporate Finance – Investments

We are advocates of holism; the whole is more than the sum of its parts. Therefore we offer holistic expertise in solving business problems, instead of highly specialist knowledge which generally only solves a very limited piece of the entrepreneurial puzzle.

Our generalist, facilitative approach aligns our thinking with the challenges that our clients face; entrepreneurs typically are required to manage the entire process of their business, not just an isolated step. We act as their sparring partners and auxiliary troops every step along the way.

Management Consulting

We help companies to improve their performance through the analysis of existing business problems and the development of plans for improvement. This encompasses all big management decisions: from strategy and organization to operations and technology. Read more about our Management Consulting Practice.

Corporate Finance

We provide tools and analysis to make sound financial business decisions that maximize firm value while managing risks. We offer our clients advice on and assistance with capital investment decisions, financial risk management and deal making (raising capital, M&A and exits). Read more about our Corporate Finance Practice.


Investments are our third line of business. As capital markets consultants we provide investment research on world wide asset markets and develop trading models. Further we invest for our own account in private equity related opportunities and originate business ventures. Read more about our Investment Practice.


Our revenue model is based on time & effort, on results delivered only or a combination thereof depending on the circumstances. Now and then we work for non profit organizations on a pro bono basis.