Management Consulting Practice

We help companies to improve their performance through the analysis of existing business problems and the development of plans for improvement. This encompasses all big management decisions on:

  • Strategy. Defining a company’s vision, mission and goals. Effective strategies give the company a decisive competitive edge. We assist our clients as they develop and implement strategic (change) processes and formulate their business plans.
  • Organization. Streamlining a company’s functions to ensure that they deliver services internally as effectively and efficiently as possible. We advise on how to structure the organization and its front, middle and back office functions and assist on taking buy/make decisions.
  • Operations. Ensuring that the products and services of the company are brought about efficiently, are effective in in terms of meeting customer requirements and are marketed appropriately.
  • Technology. Benefiting from the value of (new) technology by structurally identifying, assessing and implementing technologies to create competitive advantage for our clients.

Quirijns Company believes that these areas are highly inter-wined and therefore require a holistic approach to decision making. Whereas our competitors are typically specialized in one specific sub field in the broad areas mentioned above, Quirijns Company specializes in being a generalist, taking care of the big picture first and the details later.